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A Latex sweat vest is a vest designed to be used under your clothes or as a tank top. It quickly increases your body heat, makes you sweat faster, and sculpt your waist easier.


Super Solutions Extra


Men latex slimming vest making you sweat like crazy when you workout, sauna shaper vest could produce sauna effect while wearing,heats up the covered area to stimulate sweat, making you sweat more than usual during the gym fitness&exercise, gives extra support for your workout.


this sweat sauna vest manufactures with Latex material, it is comfortable and stretchable.Which provides perfect amount of compression for the covered area, helping to enhance your abdominal and pectoral muscles, making your waistline look smooth and tight.Zipper sauna shaper vest design easy to wear and off. men sauna vest with zipper protective layer of material inside that protects your skin as you zip it up.


latex workout vest with higher compression resulting in more sweating and help your body to sweat out harmful fats.Enhances the abdominal and spinal support.And the calorie burner vest focus on supporting the major muscle groups to help enhance muscle mobility without restrict movement, so you can enjoy your workout with slimming latex vest. Continuous compression bring by this zipper vest waist trainer for men help tighten stomach and firm abdomen.


men weight loss vest is suitable for men who are obese or sports enthusiasts who want to trainning and build muscle.Our mens sauna tank top could maximum the calorie burning, helps to get rid of those extra pounds of fat and water weight, speeds up achievement of fitness goals. The fat burner vest for men Idea for yoga, workout, gym, exercise, fitness, jogging,running, sport and everyday life.Sauna shaper vest tank unique fabric can warm your core body even in the cold winter.

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  • Super Solutions Extra vest can raise temperature and generate the heat to keep your body warm and men workout vest can help you sweat crazily in cold weather.
  • This latex sauna Suit help enhance the abdominal and spinal support as you workout.Great back support and flatten abdomen. man waist trainer vest correct posture,firm tummy and love handles.
  • Burn more fat, sauna sweat effect in love handles & fat belly, produce heat in workout to accelerate sweating for weight loss.Men sweat vest helping enhance the abdominal and spinal support when workout.
  • Waist trainer vests make you sweat crazy,3 times than normal,also make your muscle building. Latex zipper vest make you have a slimming waist.
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